Women’s Conference 2020


Why become a partner?

Women make and influence upwards of 70-80% of consumer purchases. This means that not only are women making purchases for themselves, but also for their children, spouses and extended family members. When they aren’t directly making the purchase, their influence is strong, giving them veto power to say no to a brand they don’t trust.

Digital and traditional advertising can be effective ways to reach this powerful audience, but if your target market includes women ages 20-65, a partnership at this event will provide a captive audience of up to 1,000 women, ready to soak up new information. Your business will receive hundreds of thousands of female impressions during the event’s marketing push that will translate into web traffic, store traffic and likely increased revenue from this key demographic. Women tend to have higher expectations of brand and the service provided. Your brand will be positioned next to other credible brands that women know and trust, helping to build and shape your brand perception as well. A WOCO partnership is good for your business, your sales and your brand’s reputation.

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